1. batgirlofburnside:

    Batgirl #35 - Babs’ OOTD No. 1 and OOTD No. 2
    Here are some fashion illustrations inspired by what Babs was rocking in our first issue of Batgirl! <3  I cant name where these IRL items are specifically (legal stuff!) BUT you can at least check out how her fashions translate from the comic page to IRL and try to track it down yourself! :)  

    Babs’ Street Style : Tomboy! 
    Lots of people asked about what our approach for Babs’ street style is for this book. For right now, its very tomboy/comfy/cute. Babs’ is dealing with a lot in grad school and fighting crime in her off hours so we figured she would be not the biggest fashionista. She would most 
    definitely go for comfy cute before shiny and pink. She never rocks a lot of make or curls her hair before shes goes out the door. BUT Babs’ has got the 5 min makeup routine down and has a hand full of cute go-to hair styles that require minimal effort and can be achieved while running out the door to class! 

    Hopefully this is a fun look at the thought process that goes into dressing Babs :) 

    - BT

  2. From Shiina Ringo’s Arikitarina Onna/Une Femme Ordinaire PV. Carrots approved!

  3. …that moment when Kamala says exactly what you are thinking.

  4. Natalie Dormer in a deleted scene from The Counselor (2013). Check the whole scene over here.

  5. Aw, short PV for Shiina’s Arikitarina Onna/Une Femme Ordinaire. Let’s hope for a full version to be posted soon.

    Gotta love the sky high heels!

    (Source: youtube.com)

  6. Juno Temple in The Brass Teapot (2012). Check the whole scene over here.

  7. Shakti for Cristian Molina by oh8

    My character Shakti drawn by the one and only Alex Ahad some years ago. There aren’t enough words to describe how great this is.

  8. FEMM's first album Femm-isation is out on iTunes, collecting all the singles they've previously released as music videos on their YouTube channel. I got my copy, you got yours?

  9. Mummyfilia!

    (from Eliza’s ending in Skullgirls, go get it!)

  10. RiRi - Party All Night by CristianMolina

    Couldn’t resist to draw one of the FEMM girls now that their album is coming out. Love them both but RiRi is my favorite so here she goes.

  11. In just a few days we’ll have non-remixed versions of Party All Night and Whiplash! Can’t wait for the album.

    (Source: youtube.com)

  12. After a long wait (I ordered it ages ago but importing in my country sucks), finally got it, Goodsmile’s Tharja! Very much worth the wait, it’s an awesome figure. Some of the fine detailing could be better, but nothing to complain about really.

  13. A wonderful drawing of my characters Val and Cass by karioks, wearing Victoria Secret’s tuxedo lingerie.

  14. Beats-Gagged Cass by CristianMolina

    Music video inspiration again! the Beats Pill gag idea comes from Britney Spears’ Work B**ch, the clothes from Christina Aguilera’s Not Myself Tonight.

    Couldn’t resist to draw the beats-gag, but poor Cass has to model it…

  15. Christina Aguilera wearing a very cool latex pencil skirt in the bdsm-themed music video for Not Myself Tonight, intended as an homage to Madonna’s old music videos.